Getting Started with Deities

First off – What is a Deity?

A deity is a supernatural being considered divine or sacred.  It is a supernatural being, like a god or goddess, that is worshipped by people who believe it controls or exerts force over some aspect of the world.

  • *EXTRA NOTES: The Oxford Dictionary of English defines deity as “a god or goddess (in a polytheistic religion)”, or anything revered as divine. … In the English language, a male deity is referred to as a god, while a female deity is referred to as a goddess. A Deity, however, is not limited to genders, for forming their identity. They may have one, several, or none at all, in fact.

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Let’s say that You’re new to paganism and/or recently discovered your god or goddess. or a deity. Maybe both. or neither. 

  • *FURTHER NOTES: While there are many forms of paganism and having a god or goddess or other deity in your religious practice isn’t required, for many it comforts and helps them through troubling times. It also gives them a sense of peace knowing their god and/or goddess or deity are in their corner. Protecting them. Healing them. Working favors for them.

So you’ve found your god and goddess, but now you’re left wondering what’s next? How do I start a relationship with my god, goddess, or deity in general? 

  • NOTE: Everyone’s relationship with their gods will be different and unique. 

Okay, I’ve found a deity I’m interested in, what now?

  • Get to know them through study. – Your deities came from somewhere, right? You didn’t just make them up in your head, so look up where they came from. Research what their name means, who venerated them in ancient times, and where their sacred temples might have been. Keep a special part of your notes or grimoire – and dedicate it to your god or goddess. Heck if you like start a blog for the studies or Write down all you learn about them in your journal so you can refer back to it at any time. After you’ve learned the basics, then dive into the deep stuff. This includes the mythology of your god or goddess—don’t forget that they might have been passed down through folklore as folkloric figures, and if this is the case you should study them in folklore as well.

Communication – Prayer and recurring Signs or Symbols

  • When starting to work with a deity, having a means of communication is key. You can call it prayer or simply talking. Talk to your god or goddess in your mind or out loud, either way, they’ll hear you. As mentioned previously, you do not have to kneel down or bow your head to pray to your god or goddess. You can literally drive down the road and talk to them—you can talk to them at any time and literally anywhere, and you don’t need a fancy prayer to do it. This is how you can communicate with your god or goddess, but learn to figure out, how do they communicate with you?

In my experience, working with pagan gods and goddesses is different in that they will answer your prayers through nature and through recurring signs and symbols. What I mean by this is that you might see a large crow following you to work one day. Then you see the same bird the next day. This might be your sign that Odin or The Morrighan is watching over you and protecting you. Maybe you asked for them to protect you and this is their confirmation. They will send you signs and symbols via nature, random conversations, and mainstream media (TV, radio, online, books, etc), and these signs will keep coming at you until you realize. Recurring signs and symbols are one of the most common ways a god or goddess will talk to you. So pay attention and open your mind, eyes, and ears. These can even occur in dreams or Astral work.

What is an OFFERING?

Offerings Are Gifts for the Gods

You are starting to establish a relationship with your god or goddess and you want to show your gratitude. You can do this by giving offerings.

  • If you’d like or feel like it, Set up an altar or a small space on a tabletop and leave offerings you feel your god or goddess appreciates.  This is NOT required, however. 
  • Offerings can be any of the following: food, candlelight, incense, water, beverages, crystals, artwork, crafts, poems, and more! 
  • A good practice to develop is to give an offering at least once a week and then build up to once a day, or however often you’re able to.

 What you’re doing is saying you appreciate your god or goddess as a friend. You are essentially giving them a gift. And guess what? In return, they will give you gifts that could include: protection, love, abundance, healing, guidance, and more. It’s an energy exchange.  Keep in mind your offerings don’t have to be expensive—you can burn incense once daily, for example. Or you can provide a bowl of herbs once every other week. You can even give a glass of wine or water as an offering. If you want to give an expensive offering, that is okay too, but not required. The gods also enjoy artwork to honor them, as well as writing poems or songs for them. It is about your time and effort and intention.

What is a patron/matron deity?

Simply put, a patron deity is a religious figure who acts as your guide and protector. In antiquity, cities would have protector deities associated with them. For example, in Homer’s Iliad, Apollo is Troy’s patron deity, who causes a plague by raining arrows on the Greeks. 

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written by @omgwitcherry

Anon Ask – About the Blogger

anonymous asked: “Who are you? What makes you, you? — How do you define yourself to someone else or even to yourself?”


My full name is Ciera Elizabeth Hoover. – Yes, that’s also my birth name. I was born on May 27th, 1989 on a Saturday, at 9:43 am. I’m a female, (born and identity as she/her, they/them) now a woman of 31 years of age. I have a wonderful talent for insight, or so I’m told by friends or others, usually those close to me. 

I am someone shy at heart, though I’ve put a lot of effort into being a people person, regardless and despite my nervousness and anxiety. I try to be honest, to a fault, at times. I admit I’m blunt. But I’d rather lay out the truth than lies or be lied to. 

I have a husband (at heart) named Alden Joel Leday. He is my world and truly my best friend, as well as my love and the other half. He’s my most important person and we’ve been together in our relationship over ten years now. We also share the care of our male, ginger cat named Malley. He’s so spoiled and loved, he has his own room, dubbed the cat’s room, just for him.

 I love to read, like to sing (and used to be in competitions and choir – as a soprano 1, fun fact.) I adore animals and even used to volunteer with and work as a fundraiser for local animal shelters in my areas. I’ve spent way too much time in libraries over the years. I also read pretty fast and take part in book clubs.

I am a pagan. I am also a witch. I am a devotee of Cernunnos and have been for many years. I’ve been a witch and a pagan since childhood, but grew up in a Christian household, as far as my parents are concerned. I kept my practice in private until I turned 18 when I both at once moved out and was able to be open about it. Also the year I turned an adult. (aka 2007). I consider myself a hedge/kitchen witch with an eclectic practice. I’m also a part of the Asatru path and community.

And that’s just some basics. Lol. I’ve rambled on long enough for now. 


Random Things about Ohio

Depending on what direction you live in state of Ohio – is how you decide whether you consider yourself southern, mid-western, western, or eastern. or just pure northern Yankee. Also depending on what direction of the state you live in – decides how much snow is normal for winter, if you live closer to lake erie or the rivers, you get more. We believe Bigfoot exists, and have stories of sightings dating back to before the 1800s, in the Canton/Akron area. Weather has a 50% chance of being accurate every time its predicted and has a 25% additional chance of doing neither opposite thing and just doing something else entirely. we also have local lore about werewolves in the country side myths and don’t get me started on the things you can find in cornfields and such at night. Don’t drive alone at a night and do not follow the lights into the fields.

based on my personal research and experiences as someone who both was born and raised there. I’ve also lived there my whole life. – @omgwitcherry

I’ll add some sources for some of these later.

*EDIT: (Sources for the myths) — 

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