Note that the domain links to their Facebook page, where you can get their files to download.
31 hours of music
file size: 2.89 GB
692 tracks, according to the notes
Link to the site:

  • Download their tracks via google drive [ here ]

According to the site:
Free Music for Use in Videos, Games, or whatever else you like!
Under Creative Commons Attribution License.
(yes, you can use it commercially!)

NoSoapRadio by DeceasedSuperiorTechnician is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

  • Alright, I checked the site’s FAQ and here’s what it said:


A: You can do any one of these three things:

1. Post a link to

on any page containing your project/game/video.

2. Put ‘dst’ in the audio credits of your game/movie. Example: Music by: DST. Or Additional Music by DST.

3. If you are redistributing the MP3 as part of your download, simply keep the ID3 tags intact. This is only for mp3’s downloaded to a directory as part of a game installation.

Honey Just Don't [Remix]

Honey Just Don’t [Remix]

“Honey, Just Don’t” – written and sung by Ciera Elizabeth Hoover aka @omgwitcherry ;; also on my [ SoundCloud ]

Remix is by Stefan Kartenburg [ link ]

This is a remix of one of the song I wrote and sang, then had previously submitted to CCMixter. It was remixed by Stefan Kartenburg. It is released under a Creative Commons – Attribution license. 

Credit in the following way, if using:

  • “Honey Just Don’t”
  • Song/Lyrics by Ciera Hoover,
  • Remix by Stefan Kartenburg
  • Licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution

You can download the song via CCMixter or Soundcloud.