Anon Ask – About the Blogger

anonymous asked: “Who are you? What makes you, you? — How do you define yourself to someone else or even to yourself?”


My full name is Ciera Elizabeth Hoover. – Yes, that’s also my birth name. I was born on May 27th, 1989 on a Saturday, at 9:43 am. I’m a female, (born and identity as she/her, they/them) now a woman of 31 years of age. I have a wonderful talent for insight, or so I’m told by friends or others, usually those close to me. 

I am someone shy at heart, though I’ve put a lot of effort into being a people person, regardless and despite my nervousness and anxiety. I try to be honest, to a fault, at times. I admit I’m blunt. But I’d rather lay out the truth than lies or be lied to. 

I have a husband (at heart) named Alden Joel Leday. He is my world and truly my best friend, as well as my love and the other half. He’s my most important person and we’ve been together in our relationship over ten years now. We also share the care of our male, ginger cat named Malley. He’s so spoiled and loved, he has his own room, dubbed the cat’s room, just for him.

 I love to read, like to sing (and used to be in competitions and choir – as a soprano 1, fun fact.) I adore animals and even used to volunteer with and work as a fundraiser for local animal shelters in my areas. I’ve spent way too much time in libraries over the years. I also read pretty fast and take part in book clubs.

I am a pagan. I am also a witch. I am a devotee of Cernunnos and have been for many years. I’ve been a witch and a pagan since childhood, but grew up in a Christian household, as far as my parents are concerned. I kept my practice in private until I turned 18 when I both at once moved out and was able to be open about it. Also the year I turned an adult. (aka 2007). I consider myself a hedge/kitchen witch with an eclectic practice. I’m also a part of the Asatru path and community.

And that’s just some basics. Lol. I’ve rambled on long enough for now. 


Fuck off.

This blog is a safe space – but I’m also not going to sit here and take this bullshit from spammers, who feel their behavior is not only genuinely okay, but necessary.

I have nothing against Christianity as a whole. You do you. If you are Christian and still stick around as a follower or visitor, or what have you else, feel free.

What I do have a problem with – is you, if you so choose, is you choosing to spam my comment section, with your ‘god is the only truth’ lines and bible verses, when they are NOT only not asked for or relevant to my post, but AN OPEN AND BLATANT attack on me being a pagan, while you try to encourage me to seek God out.

I can and will delete these and mark them as spam. These are not wanted nor appreciated. THANKS?

The Legend of Dave

Okay, so, here’s a story for ya and some context. In another server I’m in, there’s a channel where you can ask for a password to the forum that the server is linked to. But ONLY existing members can see the password on the forum, so new members have to hop on discord to sign up for the forum, because in the past we had a lot of bots and spammers. this cuts down on it. Anyway, – they made a fun policy, where to test that your not a bot, or worse, a spam bot, we have to ask the newbies a question that makes them think – and once they respond we dm them the password. 

  • a newbie appeared in that channel today saying this “Someone please send me a password. I am ready.”
  • I had fun and gave them this: “You say you’re ready, yet you have nothing but a default icon. Your task is to give a good argument for why this proves your readiness anyway. Please explain. (then I’ll dm the password) “

// end context

Here was their epic response and it is the legend of Dave, the icon designer. 

The default icon is a product of sweats and tears from the icon designer. The designer’s name is Dave. Dave had to go through 11 revisions before it was approved by discord overlord. Not to mention how Dave competitors tried to sabotage his work every night for 11 nights.

  • On the first night, they use a loudspeaker to destroy his focus.
  • 2nd night: they poisoned his coffee. 
  • 3rd night: they poisoned his dog’s food. 
  •  4th night: they ordered pizza to his home without paying. 
  •  5th night: They send a swarm of cockroaches to his house. Dave’s stress level was at an all-time high this day. 
  •  6th night: they harassed his girlfriend. 
  • 7th night: they harassed his girlfriend’s dog. 
  •  8th night: Because Dave and his girlfriend were having too much stress, they got into argument and broke up. 
  •  9th night:  Dave started drinking. 
  • 10th night:  Dave become an alcoholic 
  • 11th night: he still had not finished the icon 

   Everyone should use the default icon for 11 days as a sign of respect for Dave the default icon designer, for his work ethic and dedication, for his sacrifice. Life is short, so don’t waste time writing garbage, like me, who took 30 minutes to write this.

// the end.

ASK: Does age in the craft equal experience?

Ask: Does age in the craft equal experience?

Do you believe just because somebody is older than you in the craft that this person knows more about the craft than you? Do you as a older/younger person on a spiritual path have an issue with taking advice from someone younger or older than you? Do you think its what the person is exposed to more than just being older immediately gets respect?

What do you think?

Answer: Age does not equal experience. Someone can be older than me and be less experienced in the craft or be just getting started with their journey. Their age, or being older, doesn’t necessarily mean they have more experience or knowledge, then someone younger than them. As an older person myself, being thirty now, I have no issue taking advice from someone older or younger, personally, as long as they have the experience and facts to back up their knowledge, and/or have done the work and research to go along with it. I don’t think it’s fair to respect someone automatically, just because they are older, as age doesn’t affect where they’re at with the learning and experience. You can be older and still be a baby witch or inexperienced. At the same point, same with being younger, you can still have more experience, simply because you’ve been at it longer or been active in the craft for more time. Also, Basic Respect / Courtesy should also be given regardless of age.

Ask: About Cats..

Question: What do you enjoy most about cats and if someone never had a cat how would you suggest to them they needed one?


First off, great questions! I love these! 

For the first part of that, ‘What do you enjoy most about cats?’ , I’d have to say, that they are all fairly independent of each other, with their own personalities, as well as their owners. I love their unique sounds, and quirks, such as their flexibility, and silly expressions, as well as ways of snuggling. Their also a little less high maintenance then dogs and make great indoor companions.  

A good example of how I would suggest to someone who’s never had a cat, is, much the same way I introduced my ‘hubby’ – aka my husband to our current cat. They are fairly simple upkeep as far as going potty, with needing at least one litter box, usually 2 – 3 of them depending on how big your housing space is. They don’t require walking outside, though if they can be harness trained, they can be taken outside, but are fairly independent. They are social, but in a more laid back sort of way then dogs. They are a little more hypoallergenic in that they have hair, not fur. So, not as bad on allergies. They can be treat trained, if food motivated, and aren’t any worse on upkeep or training then any other social animal you can have as a pet. they need socialized, even as adults but especially as kittens. I’d also have them meet the cat. especially different cats. depending on the person’s personality. your cat’s level of activeness should meet your household’s own level, so they can complement each other. They can be very loving and affectionate – purring is known to be very calming and can help reduce blood pressure. They can be very vocal or quiet, – some love to just sit in your lap, others like to play more and be very active. 

Hope this helps give you some ideas!