13 Herbs for a Witchs Cabinet [Review]

You can download a PDF copy of the book for free, here:  [PDF]

First off, I would like to note that herbs are not and should never be your first go – to nor a substitute for actual medical treatment. If used incorrectly, herbs can be poisonous, have lasting side effects, or even cause death. Even if used correctly, they can cause trouble if reacted to with your current medications and conditions and other risks. Please consult your doctor before ingesting them. Seek out mundane solutions first – before turning to witchcraft for them.

Noted particularly because of the first paragraph of this pdf. However, it does give a lot of information about the herbs mentioned, including areas of origins, history, side effects, and more. How ever, make sure to fact check and do your own research as well. Never take anything you read for granted as absolute truth. 

Side notes: Book review #5 for the 120 book challenge.

A Brief History of Wicca [Short/Review]

  • by Sally Morningstar and Peter Mills

It is a nice overview of witchcraft and Wicca from a historical perspective. It doesn’t favor too much of the misinformation that can be found elsewhere and instead focuses on actual known facts, which is a breath of fresh air while reading this text. It also gives a nice dip into the history of both sides, including much of history from a general point of view, without going into too long of sidetracks on some points that it touches on, such as Gardner. 

Link to free PDF: [ here ]

Of Witchcraft and Whimsy [Review]

Today I’ll be reviewing a book called “Of Witchcraft and Whimsy – A Beginner’s Guide to Witchcraft” by Rose Orriculum – @orriculum​ , on Tumblr. 

You can find their book on Amazon [ here ]. Which is where I purchased my copy (see below) for around $5, not including the shipping cost. 

It is a paperback book, for those who wish to note that. The title cover is really pretty and I was happy with the condition of my copy when it arrived, new, fresh, and clear. It’s also super cute with the plants on the cover, in my personal opinion.

The table of contents is clean, well-formatted, and the names of the chapters are indeed fun and also easy to understand. It has a pretty thorough index at the beginning, which nicely outlines the kind of contents to expect, as far as topics, and is nicely detailed for such a fairly thin and short book. 

It gives a nice introduction to the craft to those new or just beginning, while also giving a nice refresher to those who might have otherwise forgotten what some questions those starting out might have. It’s impartial but honest, and the opening feels a little like a Q & A session, between you and the author, which I really like and find refreshing. It is a really nice introduction to what to expect, in reactions and falsehoods you might find floating around in information, what not to do (as far as the basics of appropriation), some basics of religion in witchcraft, what Wicca actually is, covers basic terms to know, and so much more. It also goes over the basics of casting a spell, tools, building or making of said tools, imbued powers, basics of tea and candle magic, and altars in witchcraft. It also includes some spells you can incorporate for yourself and nice correspondences as well as warnings, such as what could possibly go wrong. It has a healthy overview and a friendly tone in the text itself, without ever seeming to talk down to you, informing you, without ever looking down or excluding you from what you need.

I definitely recommend this book, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s a great introduction to witchcraft for new and old practitioners, and it is well written.

Things They Don’t Tell You in Your Coven [Review]

  • Book title:  Things They Don’t Tell You in Your Coven 
  • Subtitle: Going Beyond Google as a Beginner Witch
  • Author: Jasper – @jasper-pagan-witch
  • Author’s Original post [with downloads]: [original post]

The book I’ll be reviewing this time is “Things They don’t tell you in Your Coven” by Jasper – aka @jasper-pagan-witch​ of here on Tumblr. Bear in mind their book is an incomplete preview of their final project. Also, since it was a pdf, I don’t have a photo of the book cover itself, this time. I’ll also be reviewing the times’ new roman copy of the PDF, so bear that in mind. 

  • Side notes: They have made copies available of their book, in their DeviantArt Stash: via [here]. 
  • First Chapter – [ here ] & second Chapter – [here]
  • Comic Sans (Dyslexic friendly) copy PDF – [ here ]
  • Times new roman copy PDF – [ here ]

With that, lets’ start the review, shall we?

First off, The table of contents has some hilarious titles, for those who might be somewhat more experienced or just enjoy the puns. Though it feels a bit cramped together all in one space and could possibly benefit from / use a bit of spacing between the names, along with a possible sub-note? They just feel a tad cluttered in some way.

Instead of, like this:


  1.  Title page 
  2. Table of Contents (you are here)
  3.   Mandatory Introduction

Maybe more like this?:


  • Mandatory Introduction – a way to tell you about who is writing the thing
  •  written by: [ghost writer’s name here ]

One small mistake I noticed is in the Times New Roman copy of the pdf, in the introduction, you still mention the font as being Comic Sans. Also please put a space between each paragraph in both the introduction and further chapters. Your future readers will thank you for it.

I love the way you worked things in, such as the links to further reading and sources, for the slurs, for example. I absolutely loved the content you touched on in each chapter, and other than the spacing and a few typos, Such as your, versus you’re in a few places, or then vs than. Absolutely agreed on the essential oils and thank you for including those notes and warnings. Please also note, my favorite chapter, well one of them at least, was the one on cleansing. 

Without going into too many spoilers, that’s the main critique I have of it for now. I also highly recommend reading their book, as it touches on a lot of good subjects and gives you nice starting points for doing your own research into them. especially for beginners or baby witches, but also good reminders to those further along who need to hear these things, or just need to know about them.