• Book referenced: “The Witch’s Book of Shadows”
  • Author: Jason Mankey

Quote (from the back of the book):

“Powers of fire, spirits of the south, bless and consecrate, this book of shadows open before you, may it be a source of light and wisdom as I walk the path of a witch. So mote it be!”

  • There is no right or wrong with a book of shadows,
  • There is only what’s right for you.

Witch tip: adding strength to Your day

A little witch tip for the season: If you’re able to or wish to add a little extra flavor and spice to your upcoming chilly mornings, this winter, and don’t have much time to  practice, consider adding a spoonful of cinnamon to your morning brew of choice. 

This works with regular (unflavored) coffee or, alternatively, you can do a couple sprinkles instead on your favorite kind of hot cocoa, if you’re not a coffee drinker. 

If you’re allergic to cinnamon  – you can do a bit of a flavor boost by adding a small piece of peppermint candy to your drink while it’s hot and stirring.

SPELL CHANT: “Warm your belly, warm your heart, make this cup add strength to my start.”

by @omgwitcherry