Anon Ask – About the Blogger

anonymous asked: “Who are you? What makes you, you? — How do you define yourself to someone else or even to yourself?”


My full name is Ciera Elizabeth Hoover. – Yes, that’s also my birth name. I was born on May 27th, 1989 on a Saturday, at 9:43 am. I’m a female, (born and identity as she/her, they/them) now a woman of 31 years of age. I have a wonderful talent for insight, or so I’m told by friends or others, usually those close to me. 

I am someone shy at heart, though I’ve put a lot of effort into being a people person, regardless and despite my nervousness and anxiety. I try to be honest, to a fault, at times. I admit I’m blunt. But I’d rather lay out the truth than lies or be lied to. 

I have a husband (at heart) named Alden Joel Leday. He is my world and truly my best friend, as well as my love and the other half. He’s my most important person and we’ve been together in our relationship over ten years now. We also share the care of our male, ginger cat named Malley. He’s so spoiled and loved, he has his own room, dubbed the cat’s room, just for him.

 I love to read, like to sing (and used to be in competitions and choir – as a soprano 1, fun fact.) I adore animals and even used to volunteer with and work as a fundraiser for local animal shelters in my areas. I’ve spent way too much time in libraries over the years. I also read pretty fast and take part in book clubs.

I am a pagan. I am also a witch. I am a devotee of Cernunnos and have been for many years. I’ve been a witch and a pagan since childhood, but grew up in a Christian household, as far as my parents are concerned. I kept my practice in private until I turned 18 when I both at once moved out and was able to be open about it. Also the year I turned an adult. (aka 2007). I consider myself a hedge/kitchen witch with an eclectic practice. I’m also a part of the Asatru path and community.

And that’s just some basics. Lol. I’ve rambled on long enough for now. 


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