Random Things about Ohio

Depending on what direction you live in state of Ohio – is how you decide whether you consider yourself southern, mid-western, western, or eastern. or just pure northern Yankee. Also depending on what direction of the state you live in – decides how much snow is normal for winter, if you live closer to lake erie or the rivers, you get more. We believe Bigfoot exists, and have stories of sightings dating back to before the 1800s, in the Canton/Akron area. Weather has a 50% chance of being accurate every time its predicted and has a 25% additional chance of doing neither opposite thing and just doing something else entirely. we also have local lore about werewolves in the country side myths and don’t get me started on the things you can find in cornfields and such at night. Don’t drive alone at a night and do not follow the lights into the fields.

based on my personal research and experiences as someone who both was born and raised there. I’ve also lived there my whole life. – @omgwitcherry

I’ll add some sources for some of these later.

*EDIT: (Sources for the myths) — 

  • Bigfoot [ x ],  <– bigfoot sightings – these contain reports for ohio, BFRO
  • Bigfoot [ ] – the salt fork sightings/bigfoot
  • bigfoot [ x ] – the even made a movie about it called the Minerva Monster
  • 11 mythical creatures seen in Ohio [ x
  • werewolf of defiance [ x ]
  • silver creek werewolf [ x ]

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